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The LaserLab

We are thrilled to announce the opening of The Laser Lab, the sister company to The CryoLab and Manchesters finest laser specialists. Our clinic is home to our hard-working, dedicated and passionate professionals, who are committed to delivering the highest standards of safety, treatment and care. At the Laser Lab, our expert team are determined to understand every client’s goal and help achieve the best possible results. All our equipment is state-of-the-art and medical grade, allowing us to offer amazing services, such as Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Teeth Whitening and various Skin Rejuvenation treatments. We encourage you to contact us now and begin your journey today!

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How we can help recovery.

Cryotherapy is suitable for both professional & amateur athletes alike and has been in use within the whole sports industry for decades. WBC can be an immediate and effective method for applying relief to those who have suffered from various sports-related injuries or need to improve recovery time to get back in the game.

Our Cryotherapy Services
Reduced recovery times / inflammation

Unlike an ice pack, Cryotherapy can target more than one area of inflammation at once. Unlike ice treatment, your muscle tissues do not require down time to recover from Cryotherapy. You can start training again straight away.

Maximise Athletic Performance

With minimal recovery time, and reduced muscle soreness and inflammation, athletes are about to push the boundaries and perform to the best of their ability. Training longer, harder and with shorter recovery times means you really can maximise your athletic performance.

Pain Management

One of the most common side effects of degenerative diseases is painful joints and inflammation. But don’t stress, Cryotherapy is scientifically proven to help, targeting blockages in your blood causing inflammation. By reducing these blockages and regulating muscle tone can lead to a deduction in pain.

Weight Loss

The extreme low temperatures kick-start your metabolism. Your blood is cleansed from the temperature drop, and rushes around your body to help wake up your metabolism. Our full body cryotherapy chamber not only burns up to 800 calories in the 6 hours following a session, but improves your metabolisms performance to help you continue to burn calories after your session.

Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Think of the cryotherapy chamber as your modern day ice bath. Just three minutes at -120°c can improve muscle recovery up to 3 times quicker. It really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can aid with pain relief, reduced swelling and inflammation, increased blood circulation, calorie loss (up to 800 calories in the following 8 hours if partaking in light exercise), Muscle recovery (3 times quicker) and improved sleep quality to name a few

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