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Ultra Tesla

Ultra Tesla builds muscle whilst burning fat at the same time. It is our most ground-breaking, FDA approved, scientifically proven treatment to date.

Ultra Tesla, also known as the HI-EMT, is our brand new, top of the range machine, which is currently exclusive to The CryoLab. The Ultra Tesla (muscle stimulation machine) utilises revolutionary new High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology to achieve muscle strengthening, toning and sculpting on areas such as glutes, abs, thighs, biceps, triceps and calves. The intense muscle contractions produced by the Ultra Tesla not only build muscle but burns fat at the same time.

The Science

The human body is made up of over 600 muscles accounting for a third of its total mass. Muscles are vital to our day to day life, they bind us together, hold us up, and help us move yet they still have some limitations. During exercise, (voluntary contractions), we only engage between 40% – 60% of the muscles full capacity, no matter how intense the workout. Our Muscle Stimulation Machine utilises High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy to induce supramaximal contractions; high tension muscle contractions that exceed the highest amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold under normal conditions. This innovative technology engages 100% of the targeted muscle to effortlessly and efficiently increase muscle mass and reduce fat without breaking a sweat.



HI-EMT Electrical Stimulation (EMS)
Circular coil emitting magnetic pulses into tissue. Two electrodes on skin surface.
Deep muscle stimulation predominantly affecting motor neurons. Superficial stimulation of all neural tissue including motor, sensory and pain neurons.
High intensity is easily tolerated- No pain (nociceptors are not activated). Intensity is limited. Due to pain and risk of burns.
Side effects limited to muscle fatigue. Nociceptors in the skin are affected. FDA warns about shocks, burns, bruising, irritation and pain.
90% of the energy is delivered to muscle tissue. It can never reach deep muscles- EMS loses approximately 70% of its energy in other tissues (skin, fat). Only 30% is delivered to muscle superficially.



  • 1 session is equivalent to 20,000 squats, sit-ups or curls
  • Wide range of muscle groups can be treated
  • Most effective non-surgical bum lift treatment
  • Painless with zero downtime
  • On average 16% muscle increase, 19% fat reduction in just 4 sessions
  • Fast treatment time (30 minutes)
  • All the benefits of an intense workout without breaking a sweat
  • Tailored treatment programs for clients specific needs
  • Clinically proven results with over 20 clinical studies


Who is the best candidate for Ultra Tesla?

Anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their abdominal, buttock or thigh muscles and lose fat can benefit from the procedure.

The best candidates, who are most likely to achieve visible and satisfying results, are of average weight, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy diet.

When will I see results?

Your muscles will feel tighter immediately after your first treatment, but visually noticeable results are usually seen two to four weeks after your final session. These results will continue to improve for several weeks afterwards.

What will I feel during the session?

Our Ultra Tesla procedure feels like an intense work out of the muscles in the target area, as your muscles are undergoing a vigorous series of contractions. There are three phases of contractions during each 30-minute treatment session, and the maximum intensity is adjusted based on the patient’s comfort level. You will feel a tingling sensation in the area of treatment, and although uncommon some patients may notice mild and temporary muscle soreness the next day.

Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Think of the cryotherapy chamber as your modern day ice bath. Just three minutes at -120°c can improve muscle recovery up to 3 times quicker. It really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can aid with pain relief, reduced swelling and inflammation, increased blood circulation, calorie loss (up to 800 calories in the following 8 hours if partaking in light exercise), Muscle recovery (3 times quicker) and improved sleep quality to name a few

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