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We offer advanced treatments to help you sculpt your body and reduce unwanted fat. Cryo Lipo leverages the power of controlled cooling to target and crystallize fat cells, resulting in a more contoured and slimmer you. Let’s explore our two remarkable treatments under this category.

Cryo Quattro: Cryo Lipo, with the help of our state-of-the-art Cryo Quattro machine, is a cutting-edge fat reduction technique. Regardless of your age or fitness level, most of us have areas of stubborn fat that just won’t budge despite diet and exercise. Cryo Quattro works by applying controlled heating and cooling technology to these troublesome spots, effectively freezing and destroying up to 40% of the fat cells in the treated area. Your body then naturally flushes out the eliminated cells via the lymphatic system in the weeks and months following the treatment. What’s left is a more refined and slimmer you. The process begins with the application of heat to enhance blood circulation in the treatment area, followed by the cooling phase that freezes fat cells, triggering their natural apoptosis and eventual removal. Our Cryo Quattro is equipped with 360° cooling applicators, a revolutionary technology that targets up to 50% more fat cells compared to standard applicators, leading to a more comprehensive and unparalleled slimming experience. This pain-free and non-invasive treatment delivers permanent results, with clients often experiencing up to 40% fat reduction in a single session. You can even treat up to four different areas at once, and there’s no downtime. We recommend drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the best results. During your one-hour session, anti-freeze membranes are applied to target areas, and the Cryo Lipo applicators create a vacuum effect to hold the area in place. After a brief period of heat, you’ll experience an intense cold sensation that quickly fades as the area becomes numb. The treatment concludes with a soothing massage to enhance blood flow and move cells toward the lymph nodes. Results are visible within weeks, but it can take up to 12 weeks for the full transformation. Cryo Quattro is an ideal option if you’re within 10 to 20 pounds of your ideal weight, and if you can pinch and pull the fat away from your body, you’re likely a good candidate.

CoolShaping 2: CoolShaping2™ represents the pinnacle of fat-freezing technology, boasting cutting-edge features for safe and efficient fat reduction. This medical device employs controlled cooling to deliver temperatures as low as -10°C to the target area using its 360° cooling applicators. By effectively freezing and eliminating fat cells, CoolShaping2™ can reduce up to 50% more fat cells than standard applicators. This means you can achieve your desired results in less time. The treatment is speedy, taking only 35 minutes, allowing you to return to your daily routine promptly. Clinical trials confirm that CoolShaping2™ can permanently reduce unwanted fat by up to 50% in just one session. It’s an excellent choice for individuals looking to eliminate stubborn fat safely and effectively. Our newly upgraded 360° cooling applicators come in four different sizes, ensuring effective treatment for all target areas. The ergonomic C-shaped cup design with a revamped vacuum channel structure achieves 96% tissue contact, enhancing results and comfort. Safety is paramount, with built-in temperature irregularity alarms to ensure peace of mind. With shorter treatment times, fewer side effects, and exceptional results, CoolShaping2™ is the ultimate choice for those seeking to eliminate unwanted fat. Noticeable results can vary depending on individual factors, with some clients seeing changes in as little as 3-6 weeks, reaching the final result around week 12. The treatment involves sensations like a “tug” due to the vacuum effect and an initial warm sensation, followed by an intense cold feeling that soon fades as the area becomes numb. There’s no need for anesthesia or numbing agents during the treatment.

Who is the best candidate for Cryolipolysis? To be a suitable candidate for our Cryo Lipo treatments, it’s recommended that you are within 10 to 20 pounds of your ideal weight. However, the key factor is the looseness of the fat; if you can pinch and pull the fat away from your body, you’re likely a good candidate. Full consultations are provided to assess your suitability for the treatment.

When will I see results? Results can vary, influenced by individual factors, the thickness of the fat, and the treated area. Some clients observe noticeable changes in as little as 3-6 weeks, with the most significant results typically visible by week 12.

What will I feel during the session? During the session, you may experience a “tug” sensation due to the vacuum effect holding the area in place. You’ll also feel a brief warm sensation as the machine enters the heating phase, followed by an intense cold feeling that quickly fades as the area becomes numb. This sensation, although unusual, is not painful, and many clients find it so comfortable that they even fall asleep during the session. No anesthesia or numbing agents are required during the treatment.

These state-of-the-art treatments offer you a path to a more sculpted and confident you. Whether you choose Cryo Quattro or CoolShaping 2, you’re on your way to achieving your body goals with lasting, noticeable results. Get ready to say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a slimmer, more confident you.

Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Think of the cryotherapy chamber as your modern day ice bath. Just three minutes at -120°c can improve muscle recovery up to 3 times quicker. It really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and can aid with pain relief, reduced swelling and inflammation, increased blood circulation, calorie loss (up to 800 calories in the following 8 hours if partaking in light exercise), Muscle recovery (3 times quicker) and improved sleep quality to name a few

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