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The CryoLab

The Cryolab specialise in cryotherapy treatments using high end medically approved machinery. There are eight services available: cryotherapy chamber, Cryo Lipo, Spot Cryo Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Brazilian Bum Lift, Cellulite Treatment and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. The aim of these services is to use non-invasive techniques to improve health and appearance while aiding a healthy lifestyle, all at an affordable price.

Our main goal is to help build a better you by using non-invasive treatments which can improve your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle – all at an affordable cost.

Our medically approved cryotherapy chamber has been built on 7 years of experience and has been used by numerous professional sports people around the world. Our machine has been designed to the highest specification in order to provide 100% safe use, reliability and quality, allowing you to have the best possible experience.

The technical advantages of our cryotherapy chamber include balanced cool air distribution, which provides maximum customer safety for our clients and has a number of safety features.

Our cryolipolysis, also known as ‘Fat Freezing’ machine is the most advanced, non-invasive machine on the market and features revolutionary technology.

It combines heating and cooling to safely and efficiently get rid of fat cells. Featuring 360° cooling plates, a delivery of heat will be applied to the area(s) being treated, which is designed to improve blood circulation and is then followed by a cooling process, which will drop down to minus temperatures.

This reduction in temperature will then begin to freeze the fat cells in the targeted area(s) without causing any damage to your skin. Your body’s lymphatic drainage system will then naturally process the fat and eliminate dead cells and you could experience up to a 40% reduction of fat cells in the treated area(s) which will subsequently result in a reduction of the fat layer thickness.

Our medically approved spot cryotherapy, also known as ‘Localised Cryotherapy’ machine has been designed for the treatment of specific areas of your body. These machines are already being used by medical professionals and are most commonly used for treating a specific area which has been affected due to general injuries or ailments.

Spot cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular in the treatment of rheumatism, sports injuries and inflammation, along with the up and coming demand for the beauty benefits which can be achieved from a cryo facial. Our machine produces a stream of vapour which can reach -160° in temperature after just 30 seconds of use.

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