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The concept of spot cryotherapy (also known as localised cryotherapy) is based on the short-term application of liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures to a particular area of a patient’s body. This procedure causes muscles to contract, increasing the blood flow to the treated area, helping repair muscular injuries up to 3 times quicker than normal,reducing inflammation and bruising whilst speeding up cell regeneration for faster healing.

Cryogenic procedures are 100% safe, they cause no side effects, and demonstrate outstanding results for localized injuries to any area of the body such as; skin damage, muscle tension and ligament sprains.

Following an initial consultation, the injured area is treated with liquid nitrogen, delivered via the spot cryo machine. This is a relaxing treatment that lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Dependant on the severity of the injury, more than one treatment may be necessary to achieve the best result.

We can also finish this treatment with the addition of our Theragun treatment. This percussive massage will increase the speed of blood circulation back to the treated area.

For some injuries, we also offer an aftercare product, the Cryosphere. This is a fantastic addition to muscle recovery as it combines ice and massage in a handheld gadget and allows you to continue treatment at home, between sessions with ourselves. These are available to purchase from The CryoLab at £35 each.

How much is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is far less expensive than you may think, with prices starting from £35.00 per session and package prices bringing this down to £25.00 a session, it really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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