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Do you have aches and pains? Old injuries? Then try the Cryolab in Whitefield. I totally recommend them. They kindly gave me a free treatment when I damaged my knee when I was learning to dance for Bury Hospice. It helped me immediately.
On Sunday I fell downstairs and badly bruised my coccyx and elbow. I had a treatment yesterday and immediately felt the benefits…it took the swelling down and it was easier to move….like a miracle. The staff, Lisa and Geri and management are so kind and helpful and put you at ease. Using a small hose the cold air is blown over the area requiring treatment and soothes inflammation, speeds up cell regeneration and can speed up muscle injuries up to 3 times quicker than normal! It evokes an anti inflammatory response. The facial is amazing too! All done in lovely surroundings. This is available in Europe more readily than over here. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.
Thank you Cryolab for all you have done for me and your generosity to Bury Hospice with your donation of the luxury hamper. See you later for my next session xx


Made a trip to Manchester specifically to visit Cryolab and wasn’t disappointed. The Cryo Chamber was amazing and my wife thought the Cryo facial was amazing value for the time and care she received. Thanks so much! Will be back soon


Brought my daughter back from London for a treatment on her knee – she’s a dancer and has exams next week… she walked out being able to do knee extensions with no pain … absolutely amazing . Highly recommend. Lovely friendly staff

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