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Vitafusion IV Therapy

IV Drips & Booster Shots were once used as a secret weapon by the rich and famous to combat burnout and exhaustion. Infusion-IV are breaking new ground by making this treatment available to all.

VITAFUSION IV Therapy: The Ultimate power hit!! If you need a bigger energy boost, this advanced formula will get the energy flowing & boost your metabolism .With high doses of B vitamins & Amino acids.

Benefits of Vitafusion IV include:-

  • Re-energises the body after prolonged travelling
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Great mood enhancer
  • Boosts your metabolism

What is in the Vitafusion IV Therapy blend?

  • B1
  • B2
  • B3
  • B5
  • B6
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Amino Acids –
  • Tyrosine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Tryptophane
  • Ornithine
  • Taurine
  • Methionine

We have teamed up with Infusion-IV who will be operating out of our clinic once a week to bring you a range of top quality IV Drips and Booster Shots

They believe in the power of IV Drip Therapy to uplift and energize when combined with a balanced healthy lifestyle. With over 20 years clinical experience, their IV health care
professionals will provide world-class treatments to you. We are over the moon to welcome Jen who is a Registered Nurse with over 24 years Nursing experience. She has a background in both medical & surgical nursing with her career progressing to Matron level within the NHS after years of leading & managing nursing teams within the Critical Care & Community settings. In 2009, she became an Independent Nurse Prescriber and educated in the Context of Advanced Practice at MSC level. She completed her Intravenous Nutrient Therapy training with Dr Otto at Intravita International in Essex in 2020 and they are also now a member of AIMS (Association of Intravenous Micronutrient Supplementation)
What is an IV?
An intravenous fluid (IV) delivers solutions through tubing directly into the bloodstream. This solution usually includes fluids, electrolytes and vitamins, tailored to your recommended treatment plan.
How do IV therapy treatments work?
IV infusions are one of the most effective ways to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and fluids to the body. This technique bypasses the digestive system allowing for faster and more effective absorption. IV infusions can impact and improve the function of a wide variety of body systems to improve overall wellness and specific ailments or needs of the body.
How long are the treatments?
Depending on the specific IV vitamin therapy, treatments typically take between 30-45 minutes.
How often can you get an IV therapy treatment?
The frequency of IV treatments will be tailored to your specific needs. Our medical professionals will customise a treatment plan for you that will include specific vitamins and minerals as well as the frequency you will need for your treatment.

How much is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is far less expensive than you may think, with prices starting from £35.00 per session and package prices bringing this down to £25.00 a session, it really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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