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Ultimate Shred

Ultimate Shred utilises our Ultra Tesla (HIFEM) treatment side by side with Cryolipolysis. 

Long term / permanent results are something we work hard to achieve here at The CryoLab. A combination of multiple treatments has proven to provide effective and sustainable results. Combining both the Ultra Tesla and Cryolipolysis for our Ultimate Shred package, we can almost guarantee significant fat reduction along with increasing muscle mass. Resulting in maximum toning and fat loss in the targeted areas, tailored to your specific needs.

Ultra Tesla (HIFEM)

Ultra Tesla, also known as the HIFEM, is our brand new, top of the range machine, which is currently exclusive to The CryoLab and is perfect for our Ultimate Bum Lift. HIFEM stands for high intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulation, more simply, it is our non-invasive body sculpting treatment, which targets muscles explicitly, as well as fat. In addition, the Ultra Tesla works by inducing supramaximal muscle contractions, forcing the muscles to adapt and respond with a deep remodelling of the inner tissue structures. Resulting in an increase of muscle mass by 16% and a reduction of fat loss by 19%. Therefore, you can guarantee maximum results, when purchasing a course of the Ultra Tesla.

The Science

Ultra Tesla works on the principal of external induction of muscle contractions, by producing very low-frequency electromagnetic waves, which target and stimulate peripheral motor neurons. As the principal of stimulation is based on the motor neurons excitability by electric currents, this treatment only works in skeletal muscles, as there are no motor neurons in the smooth and cardiac muscle. As a result, no other tissue, other than the motor neurons is affected. This is the perfect treatment for gaining maximum results after having the Ultimate Shred treatment.



HIFEM Electrical Stimulation (EMS)
Circular coil emitting magnetic pulses into tissue. Two electrodes on skin surface.
Deep muscle stimulation predominantly affecting motor neurons. Superficial stimulation of all neural tissue including motor, sensory and pain neurons.
High intensity is easily tolerated- No pain (nociceptors are not activated). Intensity is limited. Due to pain and risk of burns.
Side effects limited to muscle fatigue. Nociceptors in the skin are affected. FDA warns about shocks, burns, bruising, irritation and pain.
90% of the energy is delivered to muscle tissue. It can never reach deep muscles- EMS loses approximately 70% of its energy in other tissues (skin, fat). Only 30% is delivered to muscle superficially.


Cryo Lipo

Using our state of the art Cryo Quattro machine for this Ultimate Shred package, we are able to perform Cryo Lipo.

Irrelevant of age or fitness level, we can all have pockets of unwanted fat which is resistant to diet and exercise. Cryo Lipo uses controlled heating and cooling technology to target and crystallize fat cells, killing up to 40% of the fat cells in the treated area. Your body then eliminates the dead cells via the lymphatic system in the weeks and months following treatment. The remaining fat cells then condense, reducing the visible fat layer.

The area being treated will at first experience a delivery of heat which will improve blood circulation. The applicators will begin to cool and will drop to minus temperatures which will then freeze the fat cells without damaging the overlying skin. This method triggers fat cells apoptosis. The body’s immune system then naturally processes the far and eliminates dead cells in treated area which creates a significant reduction to the thickness of the fat layer.

Our Cryo Quattro is a futuristic Cryolipolysis machine which features 360° cooling applicators. These applicators are more advanced and effective than most Cryo Lipo machines currently being used for this treatment. Standard applicators will not target a high percentage of the fat cells in the treated area but with the addition of 360° cooling plates, we can target up to 50% more fat cells compared to standard applicators. Couple this with revolutionary Quattro technology, this phenomenal machine provides a complete and unparalleled body slimming experience.

This treatment is pain free and non-invasive. The results that you will achieve will be permanent and we already have a high client satisfaction rate. You can experience up to 40% fat reduction of 1 session alone and we can treat up to 4 different areas at once. You can resume your normal daily activities immediately after your treatments and to achieve the best results possible, it is advised to drink lots of water and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On arrival for your treatment you will undergo a full consultation to help us understand your body goals and how many areas will require treatment (up to 4 areas can be treated at once). If wanted, before photos are then taken to help track your progress and advice will be given on how many treatments will be required (as some people may require more than one), as well as explaining the aftercare procedure. Once complete, your treatment will begin and lasts approximately one hour.

Anti-freeze membranes are placed onto the target areas followed by the Cryo Lipo applicators. You will then feel a pull due to the vacuum effect used to hold the area in place during the session which soon subsides. For the next 2 minutes, the area will be heated followed by an intense cold feeling, which quickly fades as the area soon becomes numb (normally within 10 minutes). The procedure will last 45 minutes and during this time you are free to use our iPad, read a magazine or even have a nap. The applicators are then removed and the area is massaged to increase blood flow and get the cells moving towards its nearest lymph nodes.

For maximum results, the aftercare procedure should be followed. Please note, it can take up to 12 weeks for full results to be seen. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including good diet and regular exercise, you can expect the results to be permanent with this treatment.

How much is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is far less expensive than you may think, with prices starting from £35.00 per session and package prices bringing this down to £25.00 a session, it really is an affordable solution for improving your health, overall appearance and to aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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